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Updated: Aug 6

Updated New from Kitale, Kenya

Last year my son and I were approached by our interpreter, Ezekiel while doing ministry in Kitale, Kenya with a question. How do you tell your kids you love them?

I said you simply look at your kids and tell them, you love them. He nervously knelt down, looked his two kids in the eyes, and said “I LOVE YOU” for the first time. It was a powerful moment as those words captured his children. Ezekiel’s father had never told him he loved him though he was a pastor. However, he saw the love of God from Elijah and me that drew out a desire to express love to his children for the first time. However, the story gets better. While on my recent mission there, I asked him how his family was doing. He was grateful as he told me how God’s presence has filled his home in a tangible way. Ezekiel voicing his love for his children is changing the environment of his house and their family’s history! Thanks for making this story and others possible through your prayers and financial support.


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