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LifeBridge Missions is passionate about equipping people!  Our vision is to encourage, inspire, and mobilize people to engage the world around them with the gospel. We are an evangelistic equipping ministry that partners and serves the body of Christ stateside and abroad. 
Our specific areas of equipping are rooted in the grace of God upon our lives.  We would love the opportunity to equip you and your church deeper in these areas:

LifeReach Training

Imagine your heart being engaged and equipped to bring God's transformational love to the people you come in contact with everyday. You are a perfectly created puzzle piece that fits into the lives of those in your neighborhood, workplace, school and community.  Embracing this call will change your mindset to being on mission with God in your sphere of influence.
The purpose for our LifeReach Training Events is to equip and mobilize people to engage the world around them with the gospel.  The LifeReach Event combines worship, training, and a unique outreach experience.  We will equip you with easy to use tools you can use in everyday life to make an eternal difference in your workplace, neighborhood, family, and community! We will do this through our partnerships with churches, networks, and ministries both stateside and abroad.  The event will leave attendees engaged and ready to love and minister to the people in their world. 

Interested in hosting a LifeReach event?


Missionary Training

​Do you have a heart to serve on the mission field, but you do not know what steps to take?  Maybe you are already planning to go, but you feel unprepared. Whether you are interested in missions or a prospective missionary, we desire to personally help you make this dream a reality.  
Our desire is to sit down and help prospective missionaries and those with a  interest in missions.  We believe we can help you walk through practical and spiritual steps to help you be more prepared to step into missions fulltime.  Much like pre-marital counseling you may receive before getting married, these pre-missions sessions will help you be more prepared for the mission field.  We will cover topics such as spiritual readiness and foundations, finances and support, preparing your children and family, relationship building, and more. 

 Pastors, it is our passion to awaken the fire for missions in your congregation. We can do this through a church service, informative meetings, or mini-conferences to help awaken and grow interest and heart for missions in your community. We can partner with you in developing pre and post-short-term missions trip training and a heart for the world to be cultivated in your people. Also, we would love to help you prepare prospective missionaries for the mission field with more in-depth sessions. 

Interested in missionary training?

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