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Spiritual Hungry Leaders Unite a Region in Uganda

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Bukwo, Uganda, is a beautiful remote mountainous region that we traveled 7 hours to reach after leaving Mukono. It is a tribal area that once suffered fierce tribal wars. This region covers 215 square miles near the Kenyan border, with a population of 120,000 people. It is the native tribal area of our relational partner, Pastor Adams Sabila. His heart for years has been to encourage & mobilize pastors and church leaders in this region where leadership training is almost obsolete. This farming region has recently suffered from a scarcity of food, so providing meals became necessary for the conference. Pastor Adams worked with passionate pastors who led a local church network to draw around 650 pastors & leaders to a leadership conference! The leaders came from 146 churches in 18 denominations throughout the region. It was unprecedented, as the presence of God was tangible. The raw, unified passion for Jesus and His church was unbelievable. The unity and power of the Spirit were so evident that no one wanted to leave the conference. This network is already asking us to return. We believe God is doing something extraordinary, and it is just the beginning. Those we ministered to were overflowing with gratitude for you sending us! We sincerely appreciate your heart to give & pray to bless these precious brothers & sisters. THANK YOU for being a part of changing lives for eternity; we love you!


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